The Stewarts +1

If you’ll remember a few months ago I joined a blogging group of military wives that are located here in San Diego, and I’m so glad that I did! I have met some of the nicest girls. Emily is one of those girls (check out her adorable blog, Just the Stew of Us), and I was happy when she told me that she and her husband were expecting their first baby and she wanted me to take some pregnancy announcement photos. I am so glad to have these learning opportunities to grow my photography skills-and from this session, I learned that you can never get to your shooting location too early (I got a little lost, and with traffic on top of that I was losing some serious sun by the time we arrived) and that I definitely need to invest in a flash. With that being said, I think there are a few keepers and I’m glad to have been able to hang out with Emily, Ryan, and my lovely assistant, Katie (who is another blogger over at Going Coastal with the Plumes). Thank you Katie for helping and sacrificing your toe for this shoot (there may have been a minor mishap on a rock).

Emily and Ryan are college sweethearts from Texas A&M. Ryan is a Navy helicopter pilot, and within a few weeks of me taking these photos, he set off for a 10 month deployment. 🙁 Yes, he will miss the birth of their first child. Emily is incredibly strong though, and has the support of so many friends and awesome family. It’s women like her that keep the home fires burning and enable their servicemen to do their jobs without having to worry about what’s going on at home. Please leave her some love and tell her how awesome she is.

For their pregnancy announcement, they wanted to use books that were Ryan’s when he was a kid.  Guess How Much I Love You was even in Easton’s library! She titled the picture, “Bedtime in the Stewart house is about to get reallll interesting this February!” They are too funny!

Emily also just announced that they’re having a BOY! I might be slightly biased but having a boy first is pretty awesome!

Congratulations you guys-can’t wait to meet him!  I wish you all the best and that the next 10 months fly by as fast as a helicopter.

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