Safety tips for jigsaws

A jigsaw is a small but powerful tool that is used to cut and shape the material you want to cut in the direction of up and down movement. Moreover, the shape is unique and attractive which is designed as a pistol shape. So It was quickly selected and used by many families and carpenters.

However, using power tools is quite dangerous which can endanger your body and those around you at any time. Therefore, Identifying the methods to prevent and avoid potential dangers is quite necessary and important.

Understanding that importance, in this article, I will present some safety tips for you to prevent and avoid the risks that may occur at any time. Are you curious about what those measures are? Alright, I won’t let you wait any longer. Let’s start exploring.

Personal protective devices

Personal protective equipment is an extremely important and necessary device that any carpenter needs to equip to protect the body from potential dangers. Besides using them in the process of using the jigsaw, you also need to apply them in all other equipment used in carpentry. Now, let’s read below to identify what those protective equipment are:

Glasses for eye protection and earplugs: The noise from the best jigsaw during use is quite loud, which can make you uncomfortable. Therefore, wearing earplugs is extremely helpful. Besides, in the process of using the jigsaw, debris from the material can accidentally fly into your eyes and cause serious consequences. Therefore, using glasses to protect the eyes is also extremely necessary. Besides, you can use an apron or protective clothing to guard your body against debris from cutting material.

Dust mask: The next thing I find necessary for you is a dust mask. As I said above, there is a lot of dust and debris coming out of the material during the cutting process. In addition to catching eyes or bodies, they can fly into your lungs. Therefore, to avoid this danger, you should wear a dust mask.

 Use a pair of steel boots: A pair of steel boots is also an item you demand to wear when cutting wood especially heavy wood. Because in the process of cutting, some debris from the wood can fall on your feet and lead to your foot being injured. Therefore, wearing a pair of protective boots is extremely important to support you avoid the dangers around your workspace.

Note: Besides wearing protective clothing, experts recommend that whenever using a jigsaw or any kind of carpentry tools, you should not wear too large clothes or troublesome jewelry. Because the clothes are too long, it is difficult to cut. And it can be pulled into the saw at any time if you are not careful. And Jewelry also creates the same danger.

Therefore, you should wear clothes that fit, remove the jewelry and tie your hair neatly (if your hair is too long) for the most convenient cutting operation.

The measures to avoid electric shock

As you know, Jigsaws are operated by electricity or battery. Therefore, if you use it recklessly, you may get electrocuted. Here are some measures to avoid this danger from coming:

Use jigsaw in dry conditions: I think everyone knows that electricity and water are very inconsistent, right? If you use any electric tools in wet environments, you will get an electric shock. Therefore, make sure your workspace is always dry to avoid this terrible danger. Besides, in case your wood is wet, you must not cut them. It is also the cause of electric shock.

Use RCB circuit breaker: Many carpenters now use RCB circuit breakers for their workshops to avoid electric shocks. Equipping an RCB circuit breaker is a great and necessary idea. RCB circuit breakers will help to reduce the risk of tool ignition due to any electrical fault from the power source. Moreover, its outstanding advantage is that it can automatically turn off the power if the power source of the tool is abnormal. However, if your jigsaw is powered by the battery, you do not need this RCB circuit breaker. Because there is no electricity running through the saw during the cutting process.

In conclusion

I have covered some of the safety measures that you should follow when using a jigsaw or any other electric woodworking tool. Do not be subjective, dangers occur without warning. Therefore, please follow my suggestions to ensure safety for yourself and those around you.

Finally, I hope the information I have given above can help you. And thank you for taking the time to read through this article. Have a nice day.

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