New Year, New Chapter

I’m usually not one to post my new year’s resolutions, mainly because I don’t think it takes the start of a new year to start something like exercising or eating better. We all know we can start those things whenever we feel the motivation to do it. But hey, some people need that blank slate and the excitement of a new year to make changes and that’s ok too, as long as you stick to them. As just a precautionary though, I always try to avoid the gym for the first few months of the year. 🙂

But, after deciding to make a few changes this year and mark some things off my to-do list, I decided to share some of my goals for the year. I’ve been slowly trying to make changes throughout the past year that haven’t been easy. But sometimes change is a good thing and I’m hoping they will only lead to a more stress-free life.

1. Quit Facebook. Do what?? I know, this will be a tough one. But when the idea came into my head, I had so many reasons why it was a good idea. How many hours a day do we spend scrolling through our feeds, reading about what our acquaintances are eating or doing all day? I found myself scrolling in the morning before I even got out of bed, scrolling at a stop light, scrolling while I sit on the couch beside my husband, scrolling while Easton played beside me, and scrolling before I closed my eyes at night. Do you realize how much time that is that could be spent doing something else? And half of the stuff that I read frustrates me. I will never understand why people share stories that are “so horrible” or “disgusting.” If they are bad, why would you want to spread it around? And don’t get me started about politics or views on gays and Hobby Lobby. Everyone is going to have an opinion. I may not agree with it, but that’s ok. That’s what makes America so great and diverse. As long as you’re not shoving it down my throat, we’re good. And I won’t even begin to talk about selfies. I will miss seeing photos of my friends from all over the US and keeping in touch with them, but I know that the ones closest to me will call or write. Just thinking of all the extra time I’ll have to do things and spend time with my family instead of taking a quiz on how country I am, excites me! I will still be on Instagram, so please keep up with me there! @sarah_staggs

2. Organize my photos. I’ve got photos on my computer, photos on my card reader, and photos on my camera. Some sorting, deleting and editing is in desperate need! I’m also planning on putting yearly photo books together to get the thousands of photos I take a year off 0f my computer and onto something we can keep and enjoy forever. I also need to finish Easton’s baby book!

3. Shoot for fun and learn to say no. I put myself into quite a pickle this past year when I started to photograph other people. It’s so hard starting out, not knowing what to charge people because I’m new at this, but I need to also make it worth my time. I did a few photo shoots for free before venturing into the scary world of charging people. I ended up spending way more time than I thought I would, driving to the location, shooting, editing, and getting the photos put into an online album. While I know it was a great learning experience for me, it was also a wake up call. My family is more important than a few extra bucks. I do hope to one day be able to provide an income for my family with photography. I just must be patient and wait until my skills have evolved and I can charge people what I believe my time and skills are worth. Sometimes it’s hard saying no to people, especially friends, but I know I’ll thank myself for it later.

4. Travel more. We have a ton of places we want to visit while we are stationed out here in California. Time to start marking some of them off our list! First trip is already in the works!

5. Do more things for myself. I used to think this made me sound selfish, but now I believe it’s vital to a healthy life.  I think I made this resolution last year, but with being a wife, mom, and working full time, that can be hard sometimes. Whether it be a massage, pedicure, reading a book, or blogging, I promise to take better care of me, so that I can take better care of the ones I love.

I’m sure there are more, but those are my top 5! I hope those of you that follow my blog on Facebook will continue to stop by and see what I’m up to. Blessings to you in the new year!

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