Just a Girl in a Football World

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, today is the official start of football season. Don’t feel bad, apparently I’ve been living under a rock because I was informed yesterday by my husband that “pizza night” had been moved to Thursdays. “Why?” I asked. “Because, tomorrow is Thursday night football!” This may sound like he’s a die hard football fan but in all reality neither one of us are. We just like pizza.

I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and was ten when they announced that we’d be getting an NFL team. So I am proud to say that I’m a Jaguars fan because I’ve been there from the beginning. No band-wagon fan here! Logan is from Tennessee and always grew up cheering for the Titans, but has lately switched his team to the Denver Broncos because of his love for Peyton Manning. I’m a Manning fan too, so I’ll cheer for them when they’re not playing the Jaguars.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other things I like about football besides the food. I like getting together with friends to watch a big game, I like cheering and the camaraderie that it brings, I like wearing a jersey (so no one can see my stomach bloat after I’ve eaten too many wings),  I like dressing up sometimes in my teams’ colors and getting to wear anything jaguar (or leopard) printed, I like the excuse that it gives to be able to sit on the couch for hours at a time, I like tailgating, and I like making crafty things in my team colors and decorating.  So while these things might not classify me as a “die hard” football crazed fan, I’d like to think that there’s still a place for me in this big football world. Even if it does put me in the “girly” category.

I believe that we can all find a balance though between the football obsessed and the “eh, football is on” people by following just a few simple rules.

  • Please do not update your news feed with a play by play and score updates throughout the game. I promise if I can read it then I can check my phone if I really wanted to find out the information.
  • Please refrain from yelling at the TV or using profanity when watching the game or talking about the game afterwards. I promise it is just that, a game, and the players and coaches can not hear you. I am all about some cheering, but no need to get nasty.
  • Please do not get upset if someone does not like your team-college football is the worst. And it always seems like the people who never even went to that college are the most annoying. How much fun would it be anyways if everyone cheered for the same team?

By abiding in these few rules I think this football season could be the best one yet! Ok, I’m laughing too. Not many people are going to be reading this post unless they’re bored during halftime. But please people, spread the word and let’s keep it classy out there! Are you ready for some footballlllll???

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