Handling measures when industrial vacuum cleaners call for errors on accessories

A reasonably loud sound characterizes the wet-dry shop vacuum because the device is equipped with 1 – 3 electric motors with very high rotation speed (up to 20000 rpm), so it will make a hissing noise strong wind. When we use the machine every day, we will get used to the sound of the device, but if suddenly the industrial wet-dry shop vacuum sounds louder than usual, it may be due to some unexpected problems. And accessories errors are the most common cause of loud noise on factory vacuum cleaners.

Industrial wet-dry shop vacuum makes loud noise due to clogged hoses

The hoses may not make a sound when the multifunction vacuum cleaner operates, but it has a significant impact on machine noise. Specifically, after a period of use, if the soft pipe is wholly or partially blocked due to large paper trash, hair, rags, pet hair, etc., the motor of the machine will have to work harder to create. Prominent suction force to collect dust and garbage in space that needs cleaning. When the suction power of the device reaches a specific limit, the engine noise will be more significant, creating a whistling sound that can damage the user’s hearing. Therefore, if the industrial wet-dry shop vacuum cries out abnormally when working, we need to check the hoses first. In case the hose is clogged or torn, you need to clean, tape in the torn position, or replace the tube when necessary to ensure a large-capacity vacuum cleaner always works well and smoothly and persistent.

Dirty dust filter bag makes big vacuum vibrator

Dust collection bins are the place where all kinds of dust and dirt are vacuumed into the water vacuum cleaner. In contrast, the dust filter bag is the wet-dry shop vacuum accessories that all types of soil will come in contact with before falling into the container. Therefore, after only a few vacuums, the dust filter can get too much dirt. It will cause an industrial vacuum cleaner motor to increase working capacity and make a loud noise. Not only that, but the dirty filter bags also increase the heat of the engine, causing overheating. Therefore, when the industrial vacuum cleaner cries during operation, we need to check, wash the dust bag and empty the trash in the dust container.

The wet-dry shop vacuum cries because the motor is downgraded, too much grime

As an essential vacuum cleaner accessory, the main engine is an electric motor that uses a winding engine to generate a massive suction force, bearing an enormous load for a vacuum cleaner that operates stably. Therefore, we often hear the noise from the machine working. And when operating continuously, the motor’s revolutions will quickly dry out lubricant so it will produce a loud sound due to friction. At the same time, if the engine is used for a long time without being cleaned, the exhaust line will be increased due to thick dust, and fine fibers will also pass through the filter, trapped in the motor, causing the device to works with louder sound. And with the cause of this powerful industrial vacuum cleaner, we only need to check and maintain the motor of the machine, replace the brush if worn to improve the service life of the device and prevent the engine from operating with too much noise.

The frame of the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is exposed causing high noise

After a long time of use, the connection points on the structure of the industrial wet-dry shop vacuum often loosen so that the machine will be vibrated a lot, and the sound is also louder. To overcome this situation, you need to tighten the link screw on the chassis of the machine is.

Just follow the instructions above, and we can overcome the situation where the industrial vacuum cleaner is making noise due to a problem with the machine accessories.

In conclusion

Above, we have come together to learn some remedies immediately when the wet-dry shop vacuum is operating normally and suddenly makes a loud noise. If you have not known why they happen to do so and often have to take them to the shop to repair very time-consuming and costly. At present, through the article, you already know how to handle those errors, hope this article will help you in dealing with the vacuum cleaner that makes a loud noise when operating due to accessory errors.

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