Décor Diaries: Spells and Potions and Magic, Oh My!

It’s officially Halloween, and while the goblins are wrapping up their trick or treating, I thought I’d share our Halloween decor this year. It’s always hard taking pictures of my decor in the house that we’re currently renting because of how dark it is. Hoping our next home has more natural light!

I decorated our mantel this year with some classic Halloween staples including some spell books, white pumpkins, a black candelabra, and our new friend, the crow. I like that it can really go with any color pallet that you may already have going in your home because it’s all neutrals. I also feel it’s a step towards the more sophisticated side of Halloween decor instead of the usual orange kiddy craft explosion.

I mixed up my chalkboard frame with an extra piece I had left over from the first one I had framed. I had Logan cut two dowels and place them on each side of the chalkboard and then added the string. Looks just like an old scroll! The candelabra was a great find at Michael’s that I spray painted black.

And adding to our decor from last year, I made three potions bottles from Logan’s old whiskey bottles.  I simply removed the labels and printed out some potion labels at home and glued them on. I also finally found a use for all that hair Trigger sheds! It looks just like werewolf fur! Ta-da! The bone powder is flour and for the unicorn tears bottle I painted the inside with glitter and mod podge before baking. I showcased them all together on a silver tea set that has started to tarnish.  Simple Halloween decor that didn’t cost me a penny!

Tonight we had fun hanging out with our neighbors, and after Easton hit up the houses close by, we headed off to a very popular neighborhood just up the road with Easton’s friend, Reagan. I didn’t get a good picture of Reagan (dressed as Belle) and Easton together, but they got quite a few oohhs and aahs. They were totally cute together. Before leaving the house, I did manage to snap a photo of Easton in his Indian costume! He hasn’t mastered the “trick or treat” saying yet, but he enjoyed getting to hold out his bucket and saying thank you. Reagan had him covered on the “trick or treat” part. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! Goodnight to all!

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